Software and Automation Division: control and supervision as well as software developement. Extensive experience in the pharmaceutical validation. Batch process specialists.

Costumized solutions

  • Turn Key multidisciplinary projects

    ACK proposes and manages projects in all areas of ACK involved. We develop process improvement projects in which adaptation projects, automation and integration of various software and design and construction of machinery are performed. Our clients can improve their process with a single interlocutor.


We are leading experts in process automation, developing large projects in manufacturing and managing maintenance contracts control systems in chemical and pharmaceutical plants 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

We work with all existing technologies in the market, with specific expertise in manufacturing BATCH processes.

  • Scadas and control systems

    In ACK LOGIC design, implement and launch the best solutions for industrial process automation based on programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), software monitoring (SCADA) and distributed control systems (DCS)

  • BATCH softwares

    In batch manufacturing processes is very interesting to manage production by managing the recipes of products that will be produced sequentially in the same plant or process unit.

    That is why we exist in the market specific software handles this recipe management in a simple and robust way. ACK has a long career in the customization and integration of different software packages to manage batchs that exist in the market

  • Validation procedures

    We offer design and execution of validation protocols (DQ, IQ, OQ) and design and accompany the client in the validation process (PQ).

  • Technologies

    SCADAS: In-touch, Citect, I-Fix, WinCC,…
    DCS: APROL, Siemens PCS7, Foxboro, Delta V, Experion,…
    Software Batch: In-batch, Simatic Batch, TotalPlanBatch,..

  • Electric and pneumatic instalations

    We develop engineering electrical and pneumatic control systems design, and even perform the installations with our own resources.

    Our knowledge process allows us to prescribe field instrumentation and detail engineering.