IS - Information System


Software and Automation Division: control and supervision as well as software developement. Extensive experience in the pharmaceutical validation. Batch process specialists.

Costumized solutions

  • Turn Key multidisciplinary projects

    ACK proposes and manages projects in all areas of ACK involved. We develop process improvement projects in which adaptation projects, automation and integration of various software and design and construction of machinery are performed. Our clients can improve their process with a single interlocutor.


Our experience in process automation have led us to develop a software division, which expands the possibilities of management and supervision that commercial SCADA packages and business management programs.

On the other hand enables us to develop customized solutions provided by programming languages in Microsoft environment.

  • Software development

    ACK INGPRO offers advanced services in Information Technology and Communication, developing custom software adjusted to all needs and budgets.
    ACK INGPRO has developed from corporate management software, management software specific àreas, traceability management to project management package or document managers

  • MES Integration

    Integration of corporate systems (ERP, MES, CRM’s …) with plant systems (SCADA, PLC’s, …)

    Management and production control.

  • Integration and development of ERP

    ACK LOGIC has developed its own ERP: Social EMI
    It integrates all communications between ERP’s business and any existing subsystem factory.

  • Technologies

    Microsoft .NET,  C# language
    MS SQL Server and SQL language
    Silverllight y XALM
    MS Reporting Services
    Crystal Reports