Project selection

Significant projects

Automation sugar plant in Egypt

Overall Project of industrial building for PVC extrusion and injection

  • Dissolution line of sulfuric acid in continuous
  • Control tank Farm
  • Control systems maintenance contract- Chemistry

ATEX Certification

  • Parking construction
  • Enlarge hook and unhook system
  • Cooked area dessign

Reactor levels reengineering

Control systems maintenance contract – Pharma

Order Management System

Air conditioning automation

  • Automation formol unit
  • Control boilers farm

Automation pellet mill

Honeywell system migration

  • Reactor 2.28 Automation
  • Services Automation in 6 reactors
  • PLC Migration of 6 reactors
  • LAUDA 1 Automation
  • LAUDA 2 Automation
  • Rockwell PLC Migration
  • Reactor 2.48 Automation
  • Automatització Reactor 2.751
  • Reactor 2.751 Automation – Pharma

Grinding room climate automation

Reengineering robot palletizers

  • Reengineering robot Palletizers
  • Automation dosing Chocolate
  • Design and project management Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Project Management Manufacturing Warehouse building (4,000 m2)
  • Silo Construction Project Management (12,000 palettes)
  • Project Management picking building construction (2,000 m2)
  • Design and project management Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Project Management development plot
  • Conference room Turn Key project

Waste water treatment plant Migración S5-S7

APQ legalization

  • Bakery reengineering
  • Bread store
  • Bakery Reengineering
  • Bread store

ERP for a treatment plant for waste electrical and electronic equipment

Air Conditioning automation

  • Migration S9000 Honeywell to Experion
  • Control systems maintenance contract – Pharma

C line automation

Project managements 16 industrial buildings

  • Glatt fluidised bed dryer
  • Container mixer
  • Granulator
  • CIP Mòbil
  • Migration proces machines
  • Air conditioning plant production category 4
  • Silo rooms air conditioning
  • Control osmosis water
  • Infrastructure control system migration
  • Control systems maintenance contract – Pharma

Control systems maintenance contract – Wastes

Control systems maintenance contract – Pharma

  • Room 227 modification
  • Alarm seismic Inclusion in tank farm

2 solar-thermal power plants automation

  • Control Tank Farm
  • Polymer reactors
  • TDI Plant Migration

Reengineering cabinets Guarulhos Airport

APQ legalization

Environmental License and Health permit  of dermatologic center

Audit of an installation of solar panels

Design and project management of five dosing lines with CIP cleaning and PIG

  • Project for the manufacture of two warehouses
  • Cold store building for 20,000 pallets
  • Re-asphalt in a Pharma factory
  • Waste water treatment plant
  • Legalization chemical storage
  • Enlarge chemical storage

Hot water termoregulation system

CE adaptation

  • MIX manufacture System
  • Dough extraction system

System onforming boxes reengineering

Automatic packaging device for 15  bread references

Automatic manufacturing fiber optic patch cords